The structure of the conservation force is working well – Hon. Masanja.

The Government has said that the Conservation Institutions in the country have continued to carry out their duties properly following the current structure of the Conservation Force to enable these Institutions to do their jobs well while each Institution is managed by the Commissioner of Conservation

This was said by the Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism, Hon. Mary Masanja (Mb) on behalf of the Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism while answering the question of the Member of Parliament for Malinyi, Hon. Antipas Mgungusi who wanted to know when the Reserve Army will get a Commissioner General to complete the Military Structure and bring unity in the NCAA division, TANAPA, TAWA and TFS.

“These institutions have different responsibilities, for example the Wildlife Management Authority (TAWA) and the Tanzania Forestry Services Agency (TFS) allow harvesting and tourist hunting, unlike the Tanzania National Parks Agency (TANAPA) and the Regional Park Authority of Ngorongoro (NCAA).

He said that the institutions are working well and they all report to the Secretary General of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism.

He explained that if it is found that there are challenges in the implementation of the system, the Government will make references to the Law on Wildlife in order to facilitate having a Commissioner General of the Army for the Conservation of Wildlife and Forests.

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